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Alleyway Mad by ayzewi Alleyway Mad by ayzewi
I drew that picture of Madeline one day in Painter Classic, then I colored it, and for a while, it sat without a background.. ■ˇrey helped me with that, though. ...So, in the end, I did the whole thing in PC :D (Big Grin)
Overall I like it, liked it enough to sell prints of it, but the larger sized version I have of it isn't all that big.. I don't think it'd end up being worth it :[ Oh well.
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lizspit Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2004   Digital Artist
looks really good. the storm in the background adds to the tension of this picture a lot. very nervracking atmosphere, well, to me at least.
svarta-perlan Featured By Owner May 5, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
to those of you who don't think the bg fits, you're wrong. :3 it fits the character perfectly, IF you know what the character's really like.
ryou Featured By Owner May 4, 2003
Interesting weapon, it'd be cool to see the story behind this. No critiques other than those above, nice background.
seasaidh Featured By Owner May 3, 2003  Student Digital Artist
looks so badass manda :3
mushucow Featured By Owner May 2, 2003
nytro-starfyre Featured By Owner May 2, 2003   Digital Artist
im too tired to go on and on on how i like it, so IM me if you feel like asking. fwee. but i like it
nylous Featured By Owner May 2, 2003
I SEE A LITTLE RAT!!!! ^_^ Rats are cool! Very nice job. Good background, cute rat =D (Big Grin)
ementior Featured By Owner May 2, 2003
Hmm.. She looks like someone who doesn't belong much in such a rundown place. :eyes the shabby buildings.: Very nice job on the looks of this piece. The contrast between her and the background is actually quite nice. ^^
karmazmatic Featured By Owner May 2, 2003  Student
The background reminds me of something out of the Fallout games.

This picture is pretty good all the more... Nothing missing, nothing left out.. The only problem is the problem that was pointed out.. And that's it...

Madeline's hair reminds me a bit of Courtney Love's hair style and color... Oddly..
pseudowulf Featured By Owner May 2, 2003
cool drawing. great job on this.
khelik Featured By Owner May 2, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great pic Amanda! I really like the outfit :D (Big Grin) And as always great job on the colouring and the BG
tyzue Featured By Owner May 2, 2003
I LOVE the backround detail!!! OO! the cracks on the walls, the rundown *used to be* buildings... wow... it's great~! Ya know what? I love it when you post on DA coz I get to say stuff about your art~!! ^^; *WOTA, I can only sign the gbook, but I always forget to say stuff* Anwyays. This is pretty... ^^; I likee
tygris Featured By Owner May 2, 2003   Artisan Crafter
very cool. i like the dark feeling this pic gives.
abyschan Featured By Owner May 2, 2003
She's dressed up really nice for that alleyway, eh? =P (Razz) The character looks nice, the BG looks beautiful, but... I dunno, they don't go well together. I would've opted for maybe some sort of bar or casino considering her outfit.
nekovash Featured By Owner May 2, 2003   Digital Artist
I really like this piccy ^^
lord-shadows Featured By Owner May 2, 2003
OMG I think this is a master piece I like it...
digitalman Featured By Owner May 2, 2003
Wow, this looks great. Excellent job on the background.
ayzewi Featured By Owner May 2, 2003
I see whatcher sayin'.. I think it may be because she's a bit brighter than the rest of the background.. I coulda tried harder to make it all look more uniform.. like it fits. :d
Thank youu n_n~
niobe Featured By Owner May 2, 2003
Well to me and im probably wrong, it looks like she doesn't really fit into that background and was moreless just placed on a it. She is leaning on the edge of the photo but not part of the building. Other then that really I can't believe you drew everything on pc, nice work there. Everything else though is really amazing.
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