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November 23, 2003
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Care to Share A Seat by ayzewi Care to Share A Seat by ayzewi
A Valentines Day-drawn picture of 'Manda and Dema sharing a spot on the grass in the middle of a field. I was gonna hand-color this, and I still will, but I'm gonna give it as a prezzzzzant :heart:
'Manda's mine, but Dema © svarta-perlan
:heart: :love: :heart:
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VixenFox78330 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2005
yall are so cute togeather :: sighs with a smile :: love the emotion you put into all your work and your awesome with the anatomy and have gotten awesome at coloring :: smiles :: keep it up sweet
RuttoSSJ Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2004
awwwwww sexy kinda ^__^ And cute!! I love your style, and I love that kitty kat. =D
ShayneEchidna Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2004
i realy like her tatoos very creative
Ephon Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004  Hobbyist Artist
nice :)
tuxsuti Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
dats like totally aww looking.. :+fav:
laydieloki Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2003
Aaaw,t this is just adorable : ) I love the poses and expressions.
grygon Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
too cute. :)
anjiru Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2003
This is has flown right past cute and into ubercute! The coloring is excellent (which isnt much of a surprise ;)), I especially like the very light shadowing. Gives the whole picture a very light and fluffy feel. The expressions are priceless, definate fav :D
tyzue Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2003
WEEE!! you colored it!!! and blew it up!! >D *or maybe the one I saw was just *tinytinytiny* Anyways. I love your mad coloring skills. geez they're SO CUTE!!
slavechambers Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2003
hehe very cute indeed
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