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September 27, 2005
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Feeling Betrayed by ayzewi Feeling Betrayed by ayzewi
Esteban has a tendency to just use others for his own pleasure without giving much thought to their feelings. It's merely selfish behaviour brought on by living a life only for himself.
On the opposite end, Kadiil lives his life for others; completely selfless, if not incapable of actual physical combat at the present time. He got himself swept in to Esteban's charm and wiles, and when it became clear Esteban was just toying with Kadiil's emotions, Kadi got a little upset.
Frankly, Rockefeller needs a slap in the face to wake up about himself. He can't continue to use others for whatever he wishes and still expect to live a life unfettered with anguish.
While, of course, this is just an outburst of aggression and hurt on Kadi's part, he doesn't injure Esteban.. just leaves him with a lot to think about.

Artistically speaking, I know the desk looks wonky, but whatever. If I wanted to go that extra mile to make it look absolutely perfect, I'd have gone back and done so.
Colored in Painter 7.
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eldiman Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2006
wow incredible shading... i like this pic very much, straight to favs
Amberspike-Sama Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2006
Interesting sort of conflict, and both characters look great in this pic. ^^ Good work! :D
Iluve Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2006
I've always liked Kadiil. >.> He deserves better! ...And to be made into a calender. X>
anjiru Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2005
I love the expressions in this, they stand out so much and make the tension in the image jump out at you. Another top notch coloring job as well, one of these days you'll have to share your secret to that hair =P
kandlin Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2005
I know far too many people like Esteban, it's sad really.
I love the mood for this one, the lighting was really done well.
Shuki Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2005
Your images are always so full of stories O.o That's without reading the big explanations you write underneath >_< Very beautifully done.
tyzue Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2005
It's just too true. I know so many people that are just liek the two of thems. Awr, that makes me sad, I liked Esteban.. more cuz he's hawt but ya know ^__~ Kidiil deserves better than that @_@ I likes him. He is such a pretty boy :flirty: I'll take him!! ;)
vanatom Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2005
Ah, such wonderful expression in this piece. It's really quite different from just the stand theme of love that seems to be everyone's dominent influence. It's actually quite extraordinary. I love it! :+fav: :heart:
aerokat Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2005   Artist
I really like the emotions and poses in this one.
khelik Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great pic as always Amanda, I like Kadiil's position. Gives him a primal look
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