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October 25, 2005
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Highs And Lows by ayzewi Highs And Lows by ayzewi
It was an old drawing, gathering dust amongst a pile of so many other old drawings that remained simple lines.. Yet, it was one of the fortunate ones that received the blessing of a scan and a color job.. though a quickie color work, it is colored nevertheless.
It was a subject of color experimentation. My feelings are mixed; I like how Isabelle (gal in the suit) turned out color-wise, yet I feel as though I didn't fare so well with Aro (gal in the cheap looking dress).
Background is simple, and I prefer it that way.

For some other information, Aro and Isabelle are somewhat involved romantically. Isabelle prefers boyish things, such as pants and so on, while Aro is considerably the more girlish of the two.. a conundrum, because Aro is definitely, um, "butch" I guess you could say, but that's just for her profession. She enjoys flowers, dressing pretty, and perfume. Isabelle is more dainty and petite, but prefers.. trucks and dogs and what-not.

Whatever :)

Colored in OC 3.
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Amberspike-Sama Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2006
The girl in the suit looks awesome. ^^ Love it! :)
zerry Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2006
Good lord Aro is gorgeous :wow: Love the design of her dress, and the details of her musculature. Really makes her look delicate and strong at the same time =D
ashryn Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2006
I'm going to now ask permission to doodle Isabelle. o.o The design harkens to my sense of aesthetic.
ayzewi Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2006
Certainly, I don't mind :) I'm pleased to have somehow inspired you..! *glees*
Lupus-howler Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2005   Interface Designer
a colored and a black magic woman.... really nice performance from the lady in the back ;)
RoseOniel Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2005  Student Traditional Artist
wow nice! you should check out my new entry lady-luck is it's name
laudanumvisions Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2005
Awwwwwww!!!! They're so cute! *huggles them* Cute couple too. I like how unconventional they are. ^____^ I like the idea of Aro's dress *_* I think it's reall fun!
Gathered Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
what kind of hat is that in the darkness?
KOLDleBLUE Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
What a pair... o.o great job on the coloroing even if it Was "a quickie color work..." It far passes my skills in photoshop.
Lance-Danger Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Great designs, too! =)
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