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July 5, 2005
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Stretching Tall by ayzewi Stretching Tall by ayzewi
In direct contrast to my comment about breasts and Belle...
Romi Enlan, stretching.
Drawn last year.

Romi was meant to have the hour-glass figure, yet still be a cunning, cut-throat business girl.
She's sensitive about her, um, endowments too.. because she believes it had to do with her being overweight for most of her life. So, whenever someone comments about it, she thinks it's an insult. She doesn't like it.

I thought I'd clear that up before it became a comment on the image o_o

Just drew it for the hell of it. I was quite upset at that time in my life, soooo it was a miracle I could draw anything at all.


Painter 7 and some stars done with photoshop brushes. burrrr.
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living4ever61 Sep 13, 2008   Writer
The background is a cute little offset. (But she seems to have more of a spoon figure than an hourglass. Perhaps it's just me?)
Wow, that's cool! Haha, she sort of looks like a modern-day Julie-su. =D
Coloring is perfect. Great job.
ACdraw Feb 22, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What species is she?
For not liking what her body is, because of a hard period of her life... She doesn't show it in her cloths, does she?
Btw, as usual, I love your style. Its just great. Your such a good artist.
Yeah, well, regardless of how SHE takes it, I will most likely assume she won't be listening. (chuckles) Because those things ARE pretty damn big. I think the only comparison I've seen is probably from Beowulf Kennedy's females.

But, just to point this out, in her cleavage, wouldn't that which is showing have the stomach-fur color along them up to her collar bone?

Just pointing it out.
IT looks like a necklace to me. /shrug
Clever observation, but nope. Her light-fur color doesn't go up that high :d
Ahhh... And no, far from clever, just a comparison thought of a picture I've seen before involving the same pose (vaguely), also of a female anthro, where they had that. Except I just realized hedgehogs, echidnas, and porcupines don't have the same stomach fur color along their in, non-anthro forms. Meh. Don't mind me, I've got a million things on my mind and I can just barely multitask as it is.
SpecterePrime Jul 15, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
This might have been drawn at a low point in your life, but its still beautiful. I love the pose and the feeling I get from this one. All I can say is beautiful.
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